About Us

Welcome to Zarivoya Fashion India


Zarivoya Fashion India Pvt. Ltd. is government of India approved leading company in Fashion & Pageantry Services. We provide platform to young, talented and enthusiastic girls and women to showcase their talent. Our pageant includes comprehensive programme for training and grooming sessions for all the finalist by Industry Experts.

Our Mission is to promote awareness about gender equality and create women workforce across India.

Our Vision:

We as Zarivoya; as named a feminist embellishes girls & women to stand equal in Society. We have started this vision to engage public through our upcoming events in different regions, locations & colleges. We provide all required guidance, trainings & grooming to all connected people & our participants to spread our vision as growing branches of a big tree around India & world.

We provide a solid base to all women get confidence, focus on their work, recognition to move further and most importantly make them realize that they are the core part of our Society, Economy and the overall growth of our county. We respect both Men and Women and keeping our best to create balanced environment for their personal and professional growth with their equal efforts.

We are already connected with

- Anti-corruption foundation of India.
- Elite Member with AGS group.
- SK Events & Pageants Partner.
- Woman power engagement.
- TV channels.

All are with us to achieve this aim and promoting our work.

Our Upcoming Events:
1. Zarivoya Mr., Miss. & Mrs. India 2019
2. Zarivoya Fashion Designer Show.
3. Zarivoya Fashion Expo – Carnival.
4. Zarivoya Kids show.

We are committed to disseminate information among all level of society about Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations for India and how women can actively participate in different sectors of economy and help India to achieve its economic goals.